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New Products! Raspberry Pi 3, Wide-Angle Camera, Penetrator Wrench, and Ballast

Today we’ve got a few new products! All of these are included in the BlueROV2 kit, but they’re very useful items on their own as well.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

First off is the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, the most popular single-board computer in the world that’s at the heart of our Advanced ROV Electronics Package for communication and video streaming. Besides that, it’s very useful in a wide range of projects. In addition to the Raspberry Pi, we have an 8GB micro SD card that is preloaded with the Raspbian Linux operating system as well as the software and startup scripts needed as a companion computer for ArduSub.

Raspberry Pi v2 Camera w/ Wide Angle Lens

Besides relaying communications from the Pixhawk autopilot through the tether, the Raspberry Pi is connected to a camera and reads, compresses, and sends the camera stream to the surface computer. The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is the newest Raspberry Pi compatible camera, announced in April. The stock camera has a very narrow field-of-view of about 62 degrees horizontally. The version we have here has a custom M12 lens holder and a 1.7mm wide angle lens, expanding the camera’s field-of-view to about 110 degrees! This is much more suitable for use on an ROV and many other projects.

Penetrator Wrench

If you’ve ever tightened cable penetrators on a densely packed end-cap, like the 14 Holes End-Cap for the 4″ Series, you’ll know it can be tough. This specially designed penetrator wrench makes it easy! The chrome plated steel tool is shaped to fit over the penetrator head, even in tight spaces. The included lever bar allows you to hand tighten to the perfect amount of torque.

This is definitely our new favorite tool!

Ballast Weight

Last up today is a lead ballast weight. The BlueROV2 kits includes 7 ballast weights that can be moved around, added, or removed to adjust weight. The 200 gram (7 oz) weight is cast with a sleek rounded shape and a center mounting hole. A black coating protects it from the water. The included screw makes it easy to mount to the BlueROV2 frame or just about anything else!

That’s all we’ve got today! Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!