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New Product! Watertight Enclosures

We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new set of products, Watertight Enclosures! We are offering two different inner diameter sizes with the 2″ Series and 4″ Series as well as customizable lengths. These enclosures are perfect for use on ROVs, AUVs, and other marine vehicles.

From now until July 21st, all enclosures and components are 15% off!

The enclosures consist of a tube, two aluminum O-ring seal flanges, and two end-caps. The best part about these enclosures is that they are very customizable for just about any application. You can easily choose a different length of tube or different style of end-cap – you can even laser-cut your own end-cap. Below are the two watertight enclosure product pages, each allowing you to configure a complete watertight enclosure to your needs.

We’ve also got all of the components available individually. First, the O-ring seal flanges – these are precision CNC machined out of aluminum and then anodized for maximum corrosion protection. They seal against the tube using a carefully designed O-ring seal with two O-rings on the 4″ Series and one O-ring on the 2″ Series. The end-caps are attached with six screws and sealed with a high-pressure face-seal O-ring. Both sizes have four threaded inner mounting holes to secure everything that goes inside your enclosure!

The enclosure tubes come in a standard length (11.75″, 298mm) as well as in custom-cut sizes. These tubes are made from cast acrylic that is strong and optically clear.

We have several types of end-caps available right now and we’ll have more in the future. The end-caps are laser-cut from cast acrylic sheets. If you’ve got a special need for a unique shape or set of holes, you can make your own with our template files. For the 4″ Series, we have an end-cap that is solid, end-cap with 5 x 10mm holes, and end-cap with 10 x 10mm holes. For the 2″ Series we have an end-cap that is solid and an end-cap with 2 x 10mm holes. These holes are the perfect size for our cable penetrators.

The enclosures also come with a custom designed vent to allow pressure to escape when the O-ring flanges are installed on the tube. The vent is made from anodized aluminum. It consists of a nut and bolt that are very similar to our cable penetrators plus a sealing plug. The bolt has a face-seal O-ring and the plug has two O-rings and is secured in place with screw threads.

Finally, we have spare sets of O-rings in case you want to have a few extras lying around. They are sold in sets for the 4″ Series and 2″ Series enclosures.