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New Product: The Fathom Tether!

Hello! Today we’ve got a new product that’s been in the works for the better part of a year: the Fathom Tether.

The tether is one of the most important parts of an ROV – it provides the connection for control and live video feed and sometimes power. When it comes down to size, weight, and cost, the tether is one of the primary components of any ROV.

We designed the Fathom Tether with a few things in mind. We wanted something that is affordable, and at $5/meter, this tether is very affordable compared to existing options. But, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality, flexibility, or capability at all. We’re really happy with the result: an affordable tether that is capable in a wide variety of situations.

Check out the new product video to learn more!

New Product Video

Fathom Tether

The Fathom Tether is available in a number of different lengths from 1 meter to 300 meters.

Here’s a quick list of specifications – be sure to check out the product page for the rest!

  • Neutral buoyancy in fresh water, slightly positive in seawater
  • 4 unshielded twisted pairs of 26 AWG wire
  • Low-drag with 7.6mm outer diameter
  • Kevlar strength member for 350 lb breaking strength
  • High-visibility yellow polyethylene foam jacket
  • Waterblock fibers throughout cable to stop any leaks from rips/holes
  • Flexible enough to maneuver, stiff enough to avoid tangles

Related Products

We also have several related products. The Tether Cable Thimble provides a simple and reliable method to restrain the tether and attach it to a strong point on your ROV. It comes with zip ties to secure to the tether and ROV.

We also have a new Cable Penetrator for 8mm Cable that is perfect for the Fathom Tether. This penetrator works great for other cables up to 8mm diameter as well. Note that it also has an extended length head and nut to make it easy to install or remove even on crowded end caps. This is particularly important to allow the tether to be detached easily.

Last, but not least, we want to mention a few future products. We don’t normally announce products before they are released but we think it will be helpful in this case. In the next month or so, we will have several Tether Interface Boards that provide easy-to-use electronics communication interfaces between the ROV and the surface. They’re designed to work with the tether and they also provide lots of flexibility for different designs and uses!

That’s all for now! Stay tethered for more updates in the next few weeks!