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New Product! Basic ESC R3

Hi everyone, we have a quick new product announcement for today! The Basic ESC has been updated to a new R3 version, and besides looking (and running!) cooler, there have been a few changes under the hood to add features and make it even more robust. This new version of the Basic ESC runs BLHeli_S firmware, a much more modern ESC firmware with smoother running and easy customization with the BlHeliSuite graphical interface.

More efficient design and components allow the Basic ESC to be packed into an even smaller package with less heat generation than previous designs. We evaluated a bunch of potential ESCs for and put them through a battery of tests to evaluate their reliability and robustness, which included:

  • Running a T200 continuously for hours at over 20V and 32A
  • Hammering a T200 back and forth between full reverse and full forward
  • Statistical testing of PWM signal response with a function generator
  • Multiple dives of real world testing in a BlueROV2

The new Basic ESC performed excellently, and we’re very excited to have it available now! The BlueROV2 is also now shipping with the Basic ESC R3 installed.

We will continue to sell the original Basic ESC R2, but we have set an “end of life” date for 6 months from now.

Stay tuned for more future product updates!

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for kevink kevink says:

    Besides the lessened heat generation, would there be any advantages to switching out the R1 basic ESCs on older BlueROV2s for the R3 design? I’m contemplating upgrades.

  2. This is great news!

    Thank you for keeping the new products coming.


  3. Hi Kevin,

    There’s no reason to switch if you have working ESCs. We made this change to get a few of the small upgrades and also for a more reliable and consistent supplier on our end.

    They do make different “start-up” beeps, so if you start mixing them you’re ROV will play a weird symphony of sounds when it’s powered up :wink:


  4. Hi, just a quick question. Are the new ESC’s a direct replacement for the old, with no other modifications or software updates?



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