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New Product: The Newton Subsea Gripper!

Today’s new product should grab your attention – it’s the Newton Subsea Gripper for the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles! Check out the new product video:

The Newton Subsea Gripper is a single function manipulator that’s simple, robust, and highly capable. It’s controlled by a standard servo-style PWM signal, just like our thrusters and lights, runs on 9-18v, and is rated to 300 meter depth.

It comes with a quick-adjust mount that makes it easy to mount to the BlueROV2 and allows it to be retracted and rotated in the field. The mount attaches with two included M5 screws but you will have to drill the appropriate holes on the BlueROV2 bottom panel. We have clear instructions on how to do that.

That’s it for today! If you are in Japan, please visit our stand at Oceans ’18 in Kobe next week! We’ll have the BlueROV2 and the Newton Subsea Gripper on display.

Notable Replies

  1. Etienne,

    The oil compensation for an actuator would require a bladder on the outside to adjust the oil volume inside the actuator as it moves. We are happy with the depth rating right now so we chose not to add oil compensation.


  2. What is the maximum compression force of the jaws?
    The maximum current consumption?

  3. Guys if you are in France, I receive the first order of the manipulators this afternoon.

    1 is a demonstrator, so if you are in France and would like to have a closer look, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks, Andreas ([email protected])

  4. Avatar for hakan hakan says:

    I’m thinking about using the Newton gripper in a different way.
    I would like to remove the yaws and use the linear motion to control a wing on a sidescan instead to keep it a proper “flight height” above the bottom. That means that the loads will be quite low but it will be adjusting the linear position in small steps quite frequently, will that wear down any part in the gripper since it might be outside the design spec?


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