Lumen Subsea Light for ROV/AUV


A 1500 lumen subsea LED light with servo signal control, daisy-chain connection for multiple lights, and smart over-temp protection. The R2 version has an increased depth rating to 950m, better low-light output, and a wider brightness range.

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HS Code: 9405.40.6000

Product Description

The Lumen Subsea Light is a blindingly bright LED light for use on ROVs, AUVs, and other subsea lighting applications. We designed this underwater light specifically for this purpose and it has a few neat features:

  • Fully dimmable control using a PWM servo signal (1100-1900 μs)
  • Simple on/off control with no signal needed
  • Daisy-chainable to connect multiple lights from a single connection
  • Automatic, smart over-temperature compensation for maximum light output and safety in air
  • New in R2: Built-in mounting holes on the side of the case (M3 thread)
  • New in R2: Exponential brightness control with much lower minimum brightness output
  • New in R2: 950m depth rating

Using a high-efficiency Cree XLamp MK-R LED, the light outputs over 1500 lumens at 15 Watts – brighter than most car headlights! It has a 135 degree beam angle for wide illumination in front of an ROV. The color temperature is 6200K, similar to most dive lights and ROV lights.

In addition to really high brightness, the Lumen R2 is designed for very low brightness output, which is important to be able to illuminate the scene without washing out the colors or brightness. An exponential brightness curve makes it intuitive to use effectively.

It’s housed in a rugged hard-anodized aluminum enclosure with two cable penetrators at the rear, allowing it to go to a depth of 950m. By default, the second cable penetrator is blank, but the light comes with a second penetrator to allow a second light to be connected to the first (daisy-chaining). That means you only need one cable coming from the main watertight enclosure to control multiple lights!

The specially designed injection molded acrylic lens ensures a consistent beam angle in both air and water. The case has a built-in mounting bracket with two M3 threaded holes for mounting to your vehicle.

For those who want to use the light in other applications, like scuba diving, the light can be operated without a PWM signal. Just connect the yellow signal wire to the power wire and it will turn on! A switch can be used here to make this even more convenient.

The light operates on 10-48V inputs and can accept PWM signals from 3-48V! It is compatible with many common boards like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and PixHawk. The case warms up to a comfortable 55°C (131°F) when operated in air and stays much cooler in water.

Note: We recommend that you don’t look directly into this light to avoid any damage to your eyes!


  • 1 x Lumen Subsea Light
  • 2 x Stainless steel M3 mounting screws
  • 1 x Lumen Cable Penetrator for 4mm Cable
  • 1 x O-ring for Lumen Cable Penetrator


Supply Voltage (V in )7 - 48 volts
Full Brightness Supply Voltage (V in )10 - 48 volts
PWM Logic Voltage3 - 48 volts
Peak Current15 / V in  amps
Maximum Brightness1,500 lumens
Color Temperature6,200 kelvin
Beam Angle135 degrees in water
Cable Diameter4.3 mm0.17 in
Cable Length1 m39 in
Cable JacketBlack Urethane
Conductor InsulationPolypropylene
Conductor Gauge22 AWG
WiresBlack - Ground
Red - Power
Yellow - Signal
Pressure Rating950 m3120 ft
Overall Length68.9 mm2.71 in
Overall Diameter37 mm1.46 in
Bracket Mounting Hole Spacing19 mm0.75 in
Bracket Screw SizeM3
Weight in Air (w/ 1m cable)102 g3.60 oz
Weight in Water (w/ 1m cable)53 g1.87 oz
Maximum Temperature when Run in Air55° C130° F

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Cree XLamp MK-R LED Datasheet
  • The specific LED model used is MKRAWT-00-0000-0B00H4051

Revision History

10 July 2018

  • R2 – Initial release.

Quick Start (on/off with no PWM signal source)

1. Connect the power wires to a power source.

  • Red: +10-48 volts
  • Black: Ground
2. Connect the yellow signal wire to the the power wire directly or through a switch to turn on to full brightness.

Quick Start (dimming with PWM signal)

1. Connect the signal wire to the appropriate microcontroller pin

  • Yellow: PWM (3-48 volts)
2. Connect the power wires to a power source
  • Red: +10-48 volts
  • Black: Ground
3. Provide a servo PWM pulse from 1100 μs (off) to 1900 μs (brightest)


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