Underwater Acoustics International

Underwater Acoustics International
135 Regency Square
Lafayette, Louisiana 70508
United States

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What we do:

Bathymetry/Hydrography • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Photogrammetry • Pipe Inspection • Tunnel Inspection

How we do it:

Custom Tooling/Modification • Imaging Sonar • ROV • Thickness Measurement • USV

About Underwater Acoustics International

Underwater Acoustics International (UAI) specializes in robotic deployed underwater 2D & 3D Sonar imaging investigations of submerged structures and assets within the energy industry with a focus on hydroelectric facilities. The UAI team harnesses an array of cutting-edge technologies, including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) equipped with high-definition video systems, advanced remote sensing 2D and 3D Sonar imaging platforms, state-of-the-art underwater photogrammetry cameras, innovative dye-release leak detection systems, and precision ultrasonic thickness measurement sensors, all meticulously integrated into our underwater asset inspection processes. UAI offers a wide range of services ranging from, ROV and Sonar investigations, robotic crawler investigations, conventional hydrographic surveys, flooded tunnel/conduit ROV-3D Sonar imaging investigations, AI crack mapping photogrammetry inspections, and leak detection investigations utilizing various underwater robotics and remote sensing technologies.

The UAI team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of underwater inspection services tailored to meet the demands of even the most challenging environments. Beyond underwater ROV and Sonar imaging services, our capabilities extend to the acquisition of aerial LiDAR data via drone-mounted systems for above-water areas of our clients’ facilities. This data is seamlessly integrated with underwater Sonar data, enabling the creation of holistic 3D models and digital baselines of the entire facility. These models serve as invaluable references for change-over-time comparisons against subsequent underwater surveys. UAI’s technical prowess and commitment to precision make us a trusted partner in the realm of underwater asset assessment and facility monitoring.

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