Sub-C Marine

Sub-C Marine
18 Rue Alfred Nobel
Feyzin 69320


What we do:

Bathymetry/Hydrography • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Photogrammetry • Pipe Inspection • Ship/Boat Inspection • Tunnel Inspection

How we do it:

BlueROV2 • Boat • Custom Tooling/Modification • GPS Navigation • Marine Liability Insurance • ROV • Sonar • Thickness Measurement • USV

About Sub-C Marine

Sub-C Marine offers georeferenced underwater inspection services using ROVs to monitor, measure, and assist in underwater or river environments, as well as in confined spaces. Equipped with new acoustic imaging technologies, Sub-C Marine operates in difficult submerged environments with very low visibility. Their inspection services are reinforced by bathymetric surveys and aerial surveys by drones and Lidar.

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