ROV Services Australia

ROV Services Australia
14 Bath Street, Glenelg South
Adelaide 5045


What we do:

Aquaculture Inspection • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Photogrammetry • Pipe Inspection • Ship/Boat Inspection • Tunnel Inspection • Water Sampling

How we do it:

BlueROV2 • Boat • Custom Tooling/Modification • GPS Navigation • Marine Liability Insurance • Pressure Washing • ROV • Sonar • Thickness Measurement

About ROV Services Australia

ROV Services Australia provides fast and affordable ROV inspections for a range of clients across several different industry sectors. From ship, wharf, jetty, and pipeline inspections to dams, biosecurity, and marine heritage, their skilled ROV operatives have all the experience and knowledge to get you the answers you need safely, efficiently, and without the cost of an occupational dive team.

ROV Services Australia works closely with all of its clients to ensure you get the results you need. All of ROV Services Australia’s inspections meet or exceed the relevant industry standards and can be fully customized to suit your exact needs and sampling requirements. From designing and planning inspections to monitoring changes and providing maintenance recommendations, they will ensure you are supplied with a detailed inspection report and accurate information to protect and manage your assets!

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