Les Monjustines, 13890


What we do:

Aquaculture Inspection • Bathymetry/Hydrography • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Pipe Inspection • Ship/Boat Inspection • Tunnel Inspection

How we do it:

BlueROV2 • Boat • Custom Tooling/Modification • GPS Navigation • Marine Liability Insurance • ROV • Thickness Measurement • USV

About Robotix-Diving

Robotix-Diving is a hyperbaric certified company (AIO), mainly specializing in confined-environment and underwater inspection. Working in the south of France with over 20 years of experience, Robotix-Diving has been intensively using ROVs to provide clients better monitoring and insight into the state of their undersea property in shallow water to 100m depth. Today ROV and commercial divers are indispensable for a safe diving experience. Robotix-Diving’s ROV, Bluerov2 surname Herose 1, can easily detect damage or deterioration allowing timely planning of repairs and maintenance. Robotix-Diving collaborates with different companies – using this collaboration to test new concepts and values that make our environment more pleasant to live in.

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