HPS Offshore Services

HPS Offshore Services
Santa Maria 34, Fracc. Mediterraneo
Ciudad del Carmen, Campecho 24156

+52 (938) 112 9000


What we do:

Aquaculture Inspection • Bathymetry/Hydrography • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Pipe Inspection • Ship/Boat Inspection • Tunnel Inspection • Water Sampling

How we do it:

Boat • Computer Vision/Machine Learning • GPS Navigation • Imaging Sonar • Pressure Washing • ROV • Thickness Measurement

About HPS Offshore Services

HPS Offshore Services is a Mexican company established in 2014 provides surface and subsea positioning services in the offshore energy market. HPS Offshore Services offers but is not limited to underwater and surface positioning, underwater mapping and inspection with Mesotech sonar, geotechnical studies, and the sale of Hemisphere GNSS equipment. They also offer geophysical surveys with side scan sonar, multibeam echosounder, and shallow profiler.

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