Divetech Ltd

Divetech Ltd
133 Old Coach Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3T1P6



What we do:

Aquaculture Inspection • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Pipe Inspection • Ship/Boat Inspection • Tunnel Inspection

How we do it:

Boat • GPS Navigation • Imaging Sonar • ROV • Thickness Measurement • USV

About Divetech Ltd

Divetech Ltd was formed to offer a service to inspect potable drinking water storage tanks using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) thus eliminating the risks of contamination and putting divers in the water. Divetech Ltd has grown steadily and now covers a wide range of services such as ROV, drone, and side scan sonar surveys along with offering custom training on this specialized equipment. The owner, Mike Roberts, set up the first private ROV training school in North America and ran courses in Nova Scotia as well as in Charleston, South Carolina. Divetech continues to operate from Halifax, Nova Scotia but can quickly mobilize equipment and personnel to any location required by clients.

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