Boko Media

Boko Media
De Geersgatan 9C
Gothenburg, 41657


What we do:

Aquaculture Inspection • Bathymetry/Hydrography • Environmental Survey • Infrastructure Inspection • Object Recovery • Pipe Inspection

How we do it:

Boat • Custom Tooling/Modification • GPS Navigation • ROV • Sonar

About Boko Media

Boko Media is using knowledge and experience from the offshore energy sector to develop cost-effective solutions for nearshore use. The work Boko Media does is project-oriented, meaning adjusting technical solutions to each project depending on budget, demands, etc. They use sonars, ROVs, ships, technical equipment, and personnel in both traditional and new ways, and work in cooperation with other companies when needed.

Boko Media’s markets are marine biology, energy, environment, fishing, and infrastructure.

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