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NYUAD Robosub: Automated Underwater Vehicle Adaptation and Control

A team of NYU Abu Dhabi undergraduate students utilizes components, many of them Blue Robotics products, to develop a fully autonomous underwater vehicle to compete in Robosub. In this paper, the students highlight their methods to develop an AUV that can complete the competition tasks.

Abstract: NYUAD Robosub is a team of undergraduate students at NYU Abu Dhabi developing a fully autonomous underwater vehicle to compete in Robosub for the first time. Besides a detailed review and analysis of past competition documentation, our team focused on creating simple but modular and effective subsystems that contribute to the overall realization of the robot in a short time. From mechanical design to electrical and software development, we chose and also created products that can enable our AUV to complete its missions. This paper will highlight our strategies, system architecture, and designs in each subsystem that were essential for us to have a complete and fully autonomous vehicle. In addition, it will underscore the developments, simulations, and experiments that we have done that will allow us to complete the tasks in the competition.

Author: Nham, M. Q.; Hamdan, R.R.; Tesfaye, K. S.; Khaliq, A.; Yakubu, S.; Zuazola, J.; Luoga, L.; Morrison, O; Zhang, B.; El Mir, A.; Nayfeh, I.

Journal: NYU Abu Dhabi

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