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New Products! SOS Leak Sensor and I2C Level Converter

Hello everyone! With the end of the year approaching we’ve been hard at work getting a few new products ready for release.

SOS Leak Sensor

First up today is a product that’s useful on almost any underwater project: the SOS Leak Sensor. Named after the International Morse Code Distress Signal, the SOS Leak Sensor can detect a small or big leak in your project. It uses a detector circuit built onto the probe host board which can connect to up to 4 probes. The leak sensor probes use a small adhesive-backed sponge to detect just a few drops of water and give you a warning.

The probe host board has header pin connectors to send a simple on/off (high/low) signal to a Pixhawk, Arduino, or other microcontroller. The sensor is already supported in ArduSub and easy to install on the BlueROV2. For more details, check out the SOS Leak Sensor documentation.

The SOS Leak Sensor comes with four probes but the leak sensor probes and replacement probe tips are also available separately in a few styles. The replacement tips allow you to quickly “reset” the leak sensor after it’s triggered without drying out the sponge.

I2C Level Converter

Our Bar30 Pressure/Depth Sensor and Celsius Temperature Sensor are both 3.3v devices, but often get used with 5v devices, such as the Arduino Uno. This new I2C Level Converter is a bidirectional converter that makes the 3.3v sensors compatible with a 5v device. We designed this one with DF13 and Dronecode Mini connectors to make it as easy as possible to use with the sensors.

The sensors plug directly into the Level Converter and header pins are provided to connect to the 5v device. Check out the Level Converter documentation for more details.

That’s all we’ve got today! Stay tuned for more updates later this month!