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New Products! 2″ and 3″ Series Domes

Happy Tuesday, friends! We’re excited to kick off 2018 with a couple additions to the Watertight Enclosure Series: optically clear domes for the 2″ Series and 3″ Series enclosures!

Dome shaped end caps can handle significantly more pressure for the same thickness as flat end caps. Both of these new domes are designed for extreme pressures – 900m for the 3″ Series and 1000+m for the 2″ Series! That means that these can both go just as deep or deeper than the 2″ Series Aluminum Tube and 3″ Series Aluminum Tube.

Domes are also ideal for use with cameras as they retain the original field of view of the camera compared to a flat end cap, which will reduce the field of view. These domes are both made from optically clear acrylic and won’t warp or distort your footage.

Compared to our original 4″ Series dome, these have a new design with a separate dome and retaining ring, providing a robust and simple seal and installation.

That rounds out our new product post for today! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more new products soon.

Notable Replies

  1. Hey @rjehangir

    This is very nice and useful for the small ROVS specially for the prototype we are working on! I am very pleased with your products guys keep going!

    Nice work Rusty and Team!


  2. Thanks Rusty. I have been looking for a dome for the 3" enclosure for weeks. This comes at a perfect time for a project I have ongoing. I am very pleased with the continuity of new products from BR. Nice job. You wouldn’t have an electronics tray for the 3" would you? LOL. Thanks for being a progressive company.

  3. Todd, great! Glad to hear it. The 3" tray is on our list but no progress on it yet.

  4. Oh gosh! How I wished I had gotten those on my last order…

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