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Model-Free High Order Sliding Mode Control with Finite-Time Tracking for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are used for numerous applications, but have a tracking problem as their six Degree of Freedom (DOF) dynamics are non-linear and difficult to control. In this paper, the authors explore a model-free controller to achieve finite-time convergence.

Abstract: Several strategies to deal with the trajectory tracking problem of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are encountered, from traditional controllers such as Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) or Lyapunov-based, to backstepping, sliding mode, and neural network approaches. However, most of them are model-based controllers where it is imperative to have an accurate knowledge of the vehicle hydrodynamic parameters. Despite some sliding mode and neural network-based controllers are reported as model-free, just a few of them consider a solution with finite-time convergence, which brings strong robustness and fast convergence compared with asymptotic or exponential solutions and it can also help to reduce the power consumption of the vehicle thrusters. This work aims to implement a model-free high-order sliding-mode controller and synthesize it with a time-base generator to achieve finite-time convergence. The time-base was included by parametrizing the control gain at the sliding surface. Numerical simulations validated the finite-time convergence of the controller for different time-bases even in the presence of high ocean currents. The performance of the obtained solution was also evaluated by the Root Mean Square (RMS) value of the control coefficients computed for the thrusters, as a parameter to measure the power consumption of the vehicle when following a trajectory. Computational results showed a reduction of up to 50% in the power consumption from the thrusters when compared with other solutions.

Author: González-García, J.; Narcizo-Nuci, N.; García-Valdovinos, L.; Salgado-Jiménez, T.; Gómez-Espinosa, A.; Cuan-Urquizo, E.; Escobedo Cabello, J.

Journal: Applied Sciences

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