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Autonomous Lionfish Harvester

Lionfish are indiscriminate predators with few to no predators of their own in the Caribbean region. In this paper, the authors explore which ROV is best to create a lionfish harvester for the invasive species, ultimately deciding on the BlueROV2.

Abstract: The Lionfish Major Qualifying Project Team has developed a harvesting mechanism for the purpose of hunting lionfish, with the intent of attaching it to an autonomous submarine robot.The harvester functions as an independent mechanism capable of sensing lionfish, determining their location, and harvesting them. Thereby, when paired with an autonomous submersible robot with underwater exploration functionality, it acts as a sustainable solution for population control of the Caribbean’s invasive lionfish. Performance of the system has been evaluated through testing the system’s efficacy and robustness.i

Author: Lombardi, J.; Godsey, W.; Kelly, B.; Uvarov, N.; Yuzvik, A.

Journal: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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