Aluminum End Cap (2″ Series)


This aluminum end cap is for use on the 2″ Series Watertight Enclosure.

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HS Code: 3923.50.00

Product Description

This aluminum end cap is for use with Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (2″ Series).

Aluminum is much easier to machine than acrylic. If you’d like to drill your own holes, tap holes, etc., then this end cap is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a complete set of parts for an enclosure, we highly recommend using the enclosure configurator here.


  • 1 x Aluminum End Cap
  • 6 x M2x10 screws


Material6061 or 6063 Aluminum
Surface FinishType 2 Hard Anodizing
Weight in Air43 g 0.09 lb
Depth Rating 1000 m 3280 ft

2D Drawings

3D Models

WTE2-M-END-CAP-R1 (.zip)

Revision History

28 December 2016

  • R1 – Initial release


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