Water Linked Locator-U1


The Locator-U1 is the most flexible beacon for the Water Linked positioning system that is ideal for untethered vehicles and ROVs that don’t have free wires to spare for the Locator-A1.

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SKU: APS-WL-21018
HS Code: 8512.30.30

Product Description

The Locator-U1 is a battery powered, digital hydro acoustic locator device. It carries an internal GPS based time sync module, which means no tether is required. This Locator fits well for divers, ROVs where power is not easily accessible, or other underwater applications.The Locator-U1 is fully stand-alone without any cable requirements. The internal battery is rechargeable using a USB-C charger. Fully charged, the U1 will be operational for approximately 6 hours. Before deployment in water, the Locator-U1 needs to achieve a GPS lock. The integrated status-LED shows the condition of the GPS lock. The Locator-U1 has a rotary switch located on the inside of the cap. This switch is used to change the channel on which the Locator is transmitting. The same channel needs to be selected in the Water Linked Underwater GPS GUI. The Locator has 3 mounting holes on each side for M3 screws. A default bracket is included. The Locator-U1 has the following benefits:
  • Battery powered operation removes all cable requirements enabling easy operation.
  • Extremely small size making it perfect for on-body applications like diving or retrofitting on ROV.
  • Highly robust operation in areas with reflections (shallow water, around installations etc.).


  • 1 x Water Linked Locator-U1
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable
  • 2 x Stainless steel brackets with M3 screws


Tether IntegrationNone
Topside API integrationNone
Sync methodGPS Lock
Time before re-sync6 hours
Position updates4 times per second
Range100 m330 ft
Accuracy<1% of range
Supply VoltageInternal Battery
Battery Standby Time10 hours
Battery Active Dive Time6 hours
Time to Fully Recharge5 hours
Charging5V, 8W
Charging ConnectorUSB-C
Length130 mm5.1 in
Diameter32 mm1.3 in
Weight (in air)175 g6.2 oz
Depth Rating300 m984 ft
Body MaterialPEEK
Operating Temperture-5 to 60 °C23 to 140 °F


Locator-U1 Datasheet

Water Linked Locator Comparison

Revision History

01 April 2019

  • Initial Release


Note: Specific instructions for the Locator-U1 are not yet complete, but the below guides can be used as a reference.

Water Linked BlueROV2 Integration

Integrate the Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit into your BlueROV2 to see where the ROV is on a map!

LED Indicator

  • No green light: Power is off and the unit is not ready for diving.
  • Flashing green light (fast): Searching for GPS lock. The unit is not ready to dive.
  • Fixed green light: GPS lock is achieved. The unit is ready to dive.
  • Flashing green light (slow): GPS lock has been achieved but lost. The unit is ready to dive.


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