Water Linked Locator-A1


The Locator-A1 is a beacon for the Water Linked positioning system. This version is best for the BlueROV2.

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HS Code: 8512.30.30

Product Description

The Locator-A1 is a hydroacoustic locator device. It converts an analog electric signal to an acoustic pressure wave. The A1 has the smallest physical footprint in the Water Linked series of locators, and can be integrated into even the most compact ROV system. It comes standard with a 1 meter cable (with preinstalled cable penetrator) for easy integration with ROVs like the BlueROV2.

The Locator-A1 has the following features:

  • Omnidirectional directivity
  • Rugged polyurethane cable (1 meter length)
  • 300m depth rating
  • 300m max cable (tether) length
  • Optional pre-installed cable penetrator for quick integration with BlueROV2 and other Blue Robotics products

The Locator-A1 requires the rest of the WaterLinked positioning system to be fully functional. That includes the Master-D1 and a set of Receiver-D1 units, all of which are included, along with the Locator-A1, with the Water Linked Underwater GPS Explorer Kit.



Tether IntegrationYes (requires 1 twisted pair)
Topside API IntegrationDepth
Sync methodMaster-D1
Time before re-syncIndefinite
Position updates4 times per second
Range100 m330 ft
Accuracy<1% of range
Data Connector3 position 0.1” (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing with male pins
Length41 mm1.61 in
Diameter20 mm0.79 in
Weight (in air)30 g1.06 oz
Depth Rating300 m984 ft
Body MaterialPEEK
Operating Temperature-10 to 60 °C14 to 140 °F


Locator-A1 Datasheet

Water Linked Locator Comparison

3D Models

Locator-A1 3D Model (STP and STL)

Locator-A1 Mounting Bracket 3D Model (STP and STL)

Revision History

3 April 2017

  • R1 – Initial release


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