Newton Subsea Gripper


The Newton Gripper provides the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles with the ability to interact with the subsea environment to retrieve objects, attach recovery lines, or free a snagged tether! Includes everything needed for installation on the BlueROV2.

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HS Code: 8501.10.60

Product Description

The Newton Subsea Gripper is a single function manipulator for the BlueROV2 and other subsea vehicles. It’s the result of several years of effort starting with a senior project in 2016 and evolving into the current design over several iterations. Each element was carefully designed and combine to create an awesome ROV tool.

The gripper has jaws that open to grab objects up to 2.75″ or 7cm in diameter. The plastic jaws are mounted with custom aluminum screws to create a corrosion resistant mechanism that doesn’t need any lubrication. The jaws are driven by a linear actuator that uses a geared brushed motor and lead screw. The main body is air-filled and sealed with O-rings. We’ve spent a lot of time testing it at pressure and it’s rated to 300m depth with plenty of safety factor.

The motor inside is controlled by a purpose-built brushed motor controller that accepts a standard servo-style PWM signal so that the gripper can be controlled just like our thrusters and lights. Power can be provided by the same battery that drives the thrusters as the gripper is compatible with 9-18v input and draws up to 6A current. It automatically detects motor stall conditions and stops the motor so that the gripper will always stop at the right moment. Check out the launch video to see that in action!

The gripper comes with everything needed to use it on the BlueROV2, including an anodized aluminum mount that uses a thumbscrew for quick retraction and rotation in the field. The mount attaches with two included M5 screws. You will have to drill mounting holes into the BlueROV2 bottom panel, but we’ve got clear instructions on how to do that in the documentation.

  • 1 x Newton Gripper with Pre-installed Cable Penetrator
  • 1 x Penetrator Nut
  • 1 x Penetrator O-ring
  • 1 x Newton Gripper Mounting Clamps and Thumbscrew
  • 2 x Newton Gripper Mounting Clamp Screws


Supply Voltage (Vin)9 - 18 volts
PWM Logic Voltage3.3 volts
PWM Neutral Signal1500 µs
PWM Open Signal>1530 µs-1900 µs
PWM Close Signal<1470 µs-1100 µs
Peak Current6 amps
Grip Force (at tip)97N22lbf
Grip Force (in middle)124N28lbf
Linear Piston Travel15mm0.59in
Jaw Opening70mm2.75 in
Time to Open/Close1.6 secs
Cable Diameter3.8 mm0.15 in
Cable Length635 mm25 in
Cable JacketBlack Urethane
Conductor InsulationAcid-Etched FEP
Conductor Gauge20 AWG
WiresBlack - Ground
Red - Power
Yellow - Signal
Housing MaterialAluminum 6061-T6
Pressure Rating1300 m984 ft
Overall Length (Closed)294 mm11.57 in
Overall Length (Open)300 mm11.81 in
Body Primary Diameter35 mm1.38 in
Bracket Mounting Hole Spacing16 mm0.63 in
Bracket Screw SizeM5x0.4
Weight in Air (w/ cable)616 g21.9 oz
Weight in Water (w cable)260 g9.2 oz

2D Drawings

Newton Gripper Assembly

Newton Gripper Mount

Newton Gripper Mount Drilling Template (.pdf)

3D Models



Revision History

20 May 2018

  • Initial release.


**Keep fingers and other body parts away from the gripper when operating!** It’s strong and has the potential to do some damage. Notify other crew members to do the same.

If the gripper is continuously cycled rapidly for over a minute, the motor may overheat and melt the rotor frame. Please do not cycle open and close for over a minute and allow for a proper cool-down between quick cycles.

Quick Start

1. Connect the signal wire to a signal source such as the Pixhawk on the BlueROV2 or a 3.3v microcontroller.

Arduino microcontrollers have a 5V DC PWM Output. This is listed as “operating voltage” on the specification table. If using the Newton Subsea Gripper with an Arduino, you will need a Logic Level Converter.

  • Yellow: PWM (3.3 volts only)

2. Connect the power wires to a power source.

  • Red: +9-18 volts
  • Black: Ground
3. Provide a servo PWM pulse at 1500 μs for no movement. Provide a servo PWM pulse greater than 1530 μs to open gripper. Provide a servo PWM pulse less than 1470 μs to close gripper.


Newton Subsea Gripper Installation on a BlueROV2

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