Lumen Cable (3 conductors, 22 AWG)

$4.00 m

This cable is used on the Lumen Subsea Light and is built specifically for use underwater. A urethane jacket and polyethylene-insultated 22 AWG conductors make for a rugged cable. Sold by the meter (3.3 ft) and cut to length when you order.

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HS Code: 8544.11.00.30

Product Description

This 3-conductor cable is used on the Lumen Subsea Light. You can splice it to the cable on your Lumen to increase the length or you can use it to power other devices underwater. The cable is custom made with a pressure-extruded urethane jacket, polyethylene conductor insulation, and flexible 22 AWG conductors. It’s really tough and abrasion resistant.


  • Lumen Cable (3 conductors, 22 AWG) [Variable Length]


Construction3-conductors, jacket
Outer JacketPressure-extruded urethane
Conductor InsulationPolyethylene
Conductor Gauge22 AWG
Diameter0.15 in3.7 mm
ColorsBlack, red, yellow

Revision History

24 February 2016

  • Initial Release – R1


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