M200 Motor Disassembly/Re-Assembly

By Kevin


Disassembly of the M100 and M200 motor is simple and should only take a minute!

Parts and Tools

You Will Need


1. Loosen the set screw from the shaft collar at the bottom of the motor.


2. Remove shaft collar. If it seems stuck, pull the rotor away from the base to pull the shaft out of the collar. Do not pry the shaft collar.

M200R2-shaft collar

3. Remove the rotor assembly.



Repeat these steps in the reverse direction to reassemble the motor.

Ensure the rotor is able to spin freely when reassembled. If there seems to be friction, readjust the shaft collar so there is a little bit of play.

The rotor shaft has a “flat” on one side. The set screw from the shaft collar will need to be tightened onto this flat, otherwise the rotor won’t be able to spin freely.

M200R2-shaft flat



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