Changing a Propeller

By Rusty and Elisa


The T100 and T200 Thrusters comes with two propellers each, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise turning. This allows the torque from two thrusters to be cancelled if they are operated along the same axis with opposite propellers.

Changing the propeller is easy and should only take a minute!

Parts and Tools

You Will Need

  • 1 x #1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 x 2 mm hex key

Video Tutorial


1. Using the screwdriver, remove the four outer screws from the nozzle.

2. Pull the nozzle away from the rest of the thruster and set aside.


3. Remove the two screws securing the propeller with the hex key.


4. Remove the propeller and replace with the new propeller.

5. Re-install propeller screws and nozzle screws.




Rusty is the founder and CEO of Blue Robotics. His background is in engineering but he likes to be involved in everything at Blue Robotics!