4000 Digital Light Drive
Melbourne, Florida 32932
United States

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iSENSYS is headquartered on the Space Coast of Melbourne, Florida with facilities dedicated to prototyping, machining, fabrication, composites, quality control, and performance evaluation in the pursuit of more automated and efficient data collection for military, industrial, and environmental consumers. With over 14 years of experience, iSENSYS has witnessed the challenges data collection and evaluation entities face on a daily basis and have devised solutions to resolve or mitigate some of those hurdles. iSENSYS maintains a fleet of assets that remain on-call for environmental, search and rescue, and industrial clients. Their goal is to provide services without required assistance and leave no environmental footprint. iSENSYS maintains a high exposure to bleeding edge technologies and are forced to develop new ways to implement them to solve unique challenges. Their operational fieldwork has resulted in design and development of proprietary multi-domain autopilot and navigational software technologies with a modular scope. They have developed a “data-centric” navigational and control architecture that allows more precise and efficient operations in communications denied environments.

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