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CT Control Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd

CT Control Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd
SRISHTI, #7, Sharada Colony
8th Main Rd, Basaveshwara Nagar Bangalore 560079

+91 80 4127 9403,
+91 99456 32767‬,
+91 99406 97553


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About CT Control Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 1991, CT Control Technology has over 28 years of design and manufacturing experience in special purpose precision Electronic Instrumentation and control systems. Their company strategy has been to develop customized solutions and meet the unique needs of their customers. CT Control works very closely with the government to help to provide solutions for ocean bed mapping, water column profiling, water quality monitoring, and rescue and search operations. They have an impeccable reputation for quality, innovation, design, and reliability in products, coupled with outstanding customer service.

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