Here’s a video showing the first test of the BlueESC This is our Rev.1 prototype. It’s not waterproof or integrated yet, but it works! Stay tuned for continued testing and development. All source files, schematics, and board layouts are available on the BlueESC Github Page.

In case we haven’t made it clear to you through our mailing list, Twitter, Facebook, or our home page: The T100 Thruster Kickstarter is Live Now! You’ve got from now until September 11th to back us, but don’t wait. There are early-bird reward levels that will only last so long. We need all the help […]

to: We’re in the final hours before the T100 Thruster Kickstarter campaign launches! We’ve made a few small changes to the campaign since we launched the preview last week. Here’s the important changes: The rewards were all rounded to make the math easier for multiple quantities. The Early Bird Thrusters are now $90 each and […]

Today we are excited to announce a Kickstarter Campaign for our first product, the T100 Thruster. The T100 is an underwater electric motor and propeller that is powerful, resistant to saltwater corrosion, and extremely affordable at $99 each. Before now, you would have to spend $500-$3,000 to buy a thruster, making marine robotics an exclusive […]

This post will show the thruster test stand used to measure thrust, rpm, and power. We’ll describe the test stand itself and a future post will talk about the electronics used to collect data. Here’s the test stand in action. Thrust test of a Thruster-100 generating about 5 lb of thrust. We used a 40 […]

We’ve been working on the BlueRobotics Thruster-100 for almost nine months now. It started as a side project to replicate a commercial grade thruster but evolved into much more. We think it would be cool to share some of that process. This first post shows the evolution of the thruster design from day one until […]