A number of thrusters shipped last week have been delivered and they are officially all over the world! We’ve got some very exciting news for you in this update! We are introducing our online support forums and a new product: the M100 motor! Forums We’ve been getting a lot of questions over the last few […]

Here’s a video showing the first test of the BlueESC This is our Rev.1 prototype. It’s not waterproof or integrated yet, but it works! Stay tuned for continued testing and development. All source files, schematics, and board layouts are available on the BlueESC Github Page.

SolarSurfer in the ocean off the coast of Los Angeles Two weeks ago we tested the SolarSurfer in the ocean for the third time. We were fortunate to have access to a boat for two days and we successfully completed an overnight trip and covered 20 km. Day One: The boat was loaded with tools […]

If you haven’t seen it, we are building an autonomous solar-powered surface vessel with the BlueRobotics Thrusters. Check out more details at: Hackaday Project Site: SolarSurfer. We completed the second test of the SolarSurfer in the ocean. Last time, we only had an RC receiver and we drove it around manually. This time, it had […]

This post will show the thruster test stand used to measure thrust, rpm, and power. We’ll describe the test stand itself and a future post will talk about the electronics used to collect data. Here’s the test stand in action. Thrust test of a Thruster-100 generating about 5 lb of thrust. We used a 40 […]

We’ve been working on the BlueRobotics Thruster-100 for almost nine months now. It started as a side project to replicate a commercial grade thruster but evolved into much more. We think it would be cool to share some of that process. This first post shows the evolution of the thruster design from day one until […]

We were fortunate enough to be invited to speak at MakerCon 2014 with Scott and Adam from Dragon Innovation during their workshop titled, “The Hardware Challenge: Going From Idea to High Volume Manufacturing”. During our portion of the workshop we described our journey from idea to prototype, the challenges we encountered along the way, and […]

BlueRobotics is excited to announce that our Thruster-100 has won the Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award. We started development of Thruster-100 over 6 months ago as a side project after we had trouble finding a suitable thruster for an autonomous solar boat. We needed a reliable, rugged, and inexpensive thruster to power our boat for […]