Hello and Happy New Year! We have a few exciting new products today including the Bar30 Depth/Pressure Sensor, Celsius Temperature Sensor, and the great Underwater Robotics textbook. New Product Video Sensor: Bar30 Depth/Pressure Sensor The Bar30 depth/pressure sensor (named after the Bar unit of pressure measurement) is a high-pressure, high-resolution pressure sensor that is sealed […]

We finally have a new update with current progress, current schedule, and a few other announcements. First of all, we recently passed the one year anniversary of the T100 Thruster Kickstarter launch – what a year it’s been! We’ve grown from a few guys in a garage to shipping almost 1500 thrusters around the world. […]

It’s been too long since we sent an update! We’ve got a lot to share, both good and bad! There have been a few delays to the T200s and BlueESCs but we’ve got everything back on track and we have a clear path forward. Those of you who haven’t received your rewards have been incredibly […]

We have a few exciting updates about the BlueESC, T200, and BlueROV, all of which will ship soon (finally!). We appreciate your patience as we learn and grow and make our products the best they can be. News You may have already read the article on our website, but we have some exciting testing news […]

Back in September, we were contacted by the Center for Marine Robotics at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the best of the best when it comes to undersea robotics. They generously offered to test a few of our thrusters in their test chambers, which are capable of simulating […]

This post is the first of (hopefully) many “New Product” posts here at Blue Robotics. In addition to thrusters, there are a whole lot of other things you’ll need to get your underwater creation in the water. Today we’re introducing a few new products to help out with that. Waterproof Servos from Hitec These three […]